Deputy Northern Regional Police Commander Outlined Tactics to Avoid Criminals


The Deputy Northern Regional Police Commander Fosu Agyeman has bemoaned the increasing rate of crimes and lawlessness within the northern region.
To this end, he cautioned the public to raise individual security and report suspicious cases to the police.
He said this in a meeting with staff of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) held at the RCC on Friday September, 6 2019.

According to him, “security means free from anxiety, free from troubles, and putting measures and policies to avoid deaths and attacks”. He added that, “if an individual is able to take steps to avoid being victimized by terrorist and robbers attack then it’s security”.

Responding to a question raised on the state of the Police Visibility Policy, he indicated that they are increasing their check points, vantage points and more of the patrol team will be deployed on the roads.
He emphasis that “the police have a role to play and the individuals have their roles to play, together they can maximize security”.

The deputy police commander Fosu Agyeman outlined some individual roles which includes; individuals increasing their level of security as their wealth increases, Giving police information by reporting suspicious characters, behaviors and abnormalities. It also include avoid keeping large sum of money in the house, work place and in cars; which he said will attract criminals, Never assume that you’re untouchable; this makes you reluctant to increase your security measures but considering yourself as a weak target will help you maximize your security measures, Suspecting everybody; he stresses that criminals can be in an expensive suit, can be an Alhaji or Rev. even your husband or wife can be a criminal.
The individuals role also include being vigilant and observant; this he said will help you easily identify crimes and wrong doings so you can raise alarm. He added that if armed robbers enter your house do not challenge them, do not identify them even if you know them, but cooperate with them.

The deputy police commander revealed that “before armed robbers attack a target like a house, fuel stations, banks, vehicles, money etc. they do their homework and plan very well by considering two things; first, their Profit margin; and the Risk level.

Yussif Tanko, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Northern regional Police command also stressed that they need information from the public, indicating that men are usually reluctant in giving information to the police and urged women to endeavor to give information. He clarified the misconception that people think their identities are disclosed when they give information to the police but that is not true. He attributed it to the fact that people confide with other people before or after sharing information with the police which causes their victimization but not from the police. He urged the public not to confide in any person before or after sharing information with the police.

Yussif Tanko, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Northern regional Police command

Yussif Tanko also encouraged the public to call 119 or call their Tamale Emergency line 0299200331 to give them information. /Adongo Fatawu Divine

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