Bawumia Could Not Talk About Galamsey Because They’ve Failed The Fight-ILAPI Boss


Executive Director of Policy think tank Institute of Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) Mr. Peter Bismark Kwofie has slammed the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for failing to account for their achievements in the fight against galamsey.

Mr. Kwofie said the government knowing very well it has failed to fight galamsey Dr. Bawumia refused to convince Ghanaians the rate at which the illegal mining had reduced.

The failure of the government to deal with the matter he noted has led to serious implications including the shut down of some water treatment plants.

“Recently, the anthropogenic impact of illegal mining activities had led to some water treatment plants to shut down. Environmental laws and its agencies all failed years ago and with confidence in the Operation Vanguard had also failed to make the government’s chances of ending the illegal activities endless.”

He was of the view that, because the Vice President lives data, he should have been bold enough to provide details on their achievements in fighting galamsey.

“Bawumia loves data and he should have provided metrics on the number of illegal miners arrested so far, those jailed, foreigners deported and measurable impact on our environment.”YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE..

According to him, “Certain courts were designated to sit on mining cases, drones were bought to facilitate the fight on galamsey. What has been the outcome of the investment?”

The recent missing excavators’ saga and the alleged involvement of top political figures in illegal mining he said have dented the fight against galamsey.

“The recent disappearance of seized excavators and extortion spree among members of the ruling government is a dent to talk about. The Anas investigative video on the fight on galamsey is all part of the failure. One cannot enjoy economic growth, lower inflation, and Cedi appreciation in a bad environment.”

He further slammed the Vice President for failing to tell Ghanaians how they have been able to deal with the issue of corruption.

“The same had to be on corruption. Dr. Bawumia failed to account on the fight on corruption which is one sensitive part of all discussions in 2016′” he said.

Story By: Rashid Obodai Provencal|Rainbow Radio

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