Bawumia ‘Stole’ Market Urinal Project From Us – PPP

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has accused the NPP government of stealing one of its projects in the Volta Region.

The party alleges that Vice-President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, claimed credit for a urinal project initiated by the PPP.

“One particular shameless untruth Dr Bawumia told which we find troubling, had to do with a urinal Dr Nduom and the PPP Parliamentary Candidate for Ho West, Mr Joshua Akutey, built in the Tsitso market, during the 2016 elections.” Mr Akutey, now the Ho West PPP Constituency Chairman, indicated.

He questioned the basis for the urinal project finding “its way into a list of projects the NPP is counting, trumpeting and celebrating as executed by the Ho West District Assembly”.

The PPP further demanded answers of the destination of any funds released by the government, if any considering “the air of overbearing self-confidence in stealing a well-known PPP project”.

Alluding to its slogan, the PPP said it was “wide awake” and would expose further distortions via its research team.

For them, the government was only focused on “dubious public relations” using stolen initiatives.

Dr Bawumia, recently listed over 17,000 infrastructure projects initiated by the government, 8,746 projects completed while 8,588 are ongoing.

These are projects spread across the country and as Dr Bawumia explained that the government was focused on building Ghana.

Information on the projects is available on for persons to track the progress.

Over the years, various political parties have accused each other of plagiarising ideas or claiming ownership of projects executed by others.

The NDC has also identified about 30 projects from Dr Bawumia’s list with claims that infrastructure interventions by former President John Dramani Mahama, private sector and some NGOs.

Story By: David Alamisi

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