Compilation of new voter’s register an urgent necessity – Group

Admist controversies, a civil society organisation known as the Mass Action Committee (MAC) has thrown its weight behind the decision of the Electoral Commission (EC) to compile a new voters register for the 2020 elections.

The Group says the current register is beleaguered with many challenges and the move for a new register is not an option but an urgent necessity.

Spokesperson for the Mass Action Group, Atik Mohammed at a press conference in Accra Wednesday, February 5, indicated the Group finds the decision of the EC to compile a new voter register as both appropriate and timely that will enhance Ghana’s electoral democracy.

“Friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen, it cannot be gainsaid that one of the key defining features of a thriving democracy, is the conduct of a transparent, free and fair elections.”

According to him “It must however be understood that, elections are a function of several processes and activities chief among which, is the production and use of a reliable electoral roll.

“To this end, every Election Management Body (EMB) such as the Electoral Commission of Ghana strives, to have a reliable electoral register for elections,” he added.

Atik Mohammed among other reasons explained the compilation of a new register will eradicate “ghost names” from the register.

He also pointed out other technical issues associated with BVRs system which has runned out of date.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the BVRs were procured in 2011 and have been in use since then. The last time the EC purchased these kits was in 2013 (they bought 500 pieces). This implies that, the BVRs are technically nine years old. They have therefore become obsolete.”


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