Cuba Sends Doctors to Turks and Caicos Islands to Deal With Covid-19

A new Cuban medical brigade, from the Henry Reeve contingent specializing in disaster situations and serious epidemics, arrived yesterday in the British territory of the Turks and Caicos Islands to combat Covid-19.

The Minister of Health and the Deputy Governor of this region welcomed the new group, made up of 20 health professionals, of which 12 are women.

International cooperation does not stop, Eugenio Martinez, director general for Latin America and the Caribbean at the island’s Foreign Ministry, said on Twitter as he shared the news.

The diplomat added that the pandemic is being addressed with solidarity, not selfishness, something that was ratified on the same social network by the general secretary of the health workers’ union, Santiago Badia.

This is the 35th brigade of the Henry Reeve, which is already working in 28 countries, added the leader, saying that the willingness is to continue providing solidarity in the face of the international emergency.

Cuba’s Public Health Minister Jose Angel Portal ratified last week to the World Health Organization the willingness to continue contributing with health professionals to the fight against the new coronavirus.

To that end, more than 3,300 collaborators have joined the more than 28,000 who were working in 59 countries before the international health emergency, he pointed out.


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