Dagbon must protect the restored peace-Security Analyst writes

The renew chieftaincy conflict at Kpatinga, a possible case of the enemy within looking for alternatives.

On the 24th day of January 2020, there was a resurrection of chieftaincy dispute resulting in conflict and violence crime against humanity and peace being enjoyed by the good people of Kpatinga and in Dagbon as a whole.

The cause of the new or resurrected conflict is traced to a protracted chieftaincy dispute that has existed in decades between Abudus and Andanis. Since the dark year of 2002 which is in the records of the traditional history of Dagbon as a sad year, Dagbon and its indigenous citizens have witnessed traumatic life in all bitterness.

Development in Dagbon in so many aspects came to a stand still for at least a decade and a half. Chieftaincy disputes in any form in Dagbon and its environs have caused excruciating pain to the peace loving citizens and indigenes of the entire northern region of Ghana.

From education, health, agriculture, commerce, social life and family settings, all these aspects have been one way or another negatively affected by the protracted chieftaincy disputes in the Dagbon traditional area.

If there’s any sad story to be told and learned from as a result from chieftaincy disputes in our time, it must be told by a citizen of Dagbon and learned by all of us.Successive government made several efforts to restore a lasting beauty of Dagbon tradition and its authority in an environment of peace and tranquility under the able leadership of the King of the Asanteman, His Majesty Otumfuor Osei Tutu ll.

Resources that could have been Channeled into developmental projects such as education, health and road infrastructure were used to find peace back to Dagbon. Very expensive decisions were made at the expense of the development of Dagbon through the painful period of chieftaincy dispute.

Glory was restored to the entire Dagbon under the leadership of His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, Otumfuor Osei Tutu ll together with other eminent personalities in Ghana at the time when Hon Salifu Sa-eed the Northern Regional Minister, in all humility displayed astute diplomatic knowledge in conflict management and resolution hense, the year 2019 was also recorded in the history books of Dagbon Traditional Authority as the year of restoration when the current Yanaa Abukari ll was successfully coronated as the new King of the Dagbon Traditional Area.

It was as if God has descended onto the land of Dagbon and every citizen could not hide his or her joy. The world has witnessed the joy andHeartfelt expression of appreciation by the good people of Dagbon to the government and support from all citizens of Ghana in ensuring that peace finally find it seat in Dagbon.


Can it be said the enemy of Dagbon is that of the story of the enemy within,? and what is the motivation to see that the good and peace loving citizens of Dagbon will not be able to see peace and development? must it be said also that the enemy is assiduously working to bring to nought the good achievement by the good people of Dagbon who have allowed themselves for peace to prevail through frantic efforts by the government and the eminent personalities in Ghana?

Is it not so shameful to witness a conflict just after almost a year that the world is still monitoring the events happening in Dagbon in respect of such a historic milestone of peaceful achievement.Kpatinga has seen no peace since 2012 during the chieftaincy dispute popularly known as Abudu and Andani.

During such period military and police became the decision makers for the citizens of Kpatinga.The conflict became a sort of oblivion after one of the disputed factions Naa Alhassan Natogma died and subsequently Naa Ziblim Fuseini was brought from Yendi to occupy the Kpatinga palace.

From the year 2012 till 2014 through to 2019, there has been relative peace in Kpatinga due to mostly timely interventions by the District Secretary Committee and the security agencies,.During the moment of turmoil, the District Security Committee, chaired by the then District Chief Executive, Hon Alhaji Alhassan Fuseini, the conflict was well managed from 2013 to 2015 when I was serving as a member of the District Security Committee.

2016 to 2019 saw the restoration of total peace in the land of Dagbon after the enskingment of the King of Dagbon, His Royal Highness, Yanaa Abukari ll.Why now? And is it not enough for conflicts experience in Dagbon, why is the enemy through clandestine ways watering the dead seed of violence conflict for it to grow green again?Lifes lost can’t be replaced.

Property damaged cannot be brought back.Pain caused as a result cannot be completely forgotten.I want to entreat the government to jealously guard against any clandestine action and activities by the enemy within that will cause damage to the restoration of peace for the good people of Dagbon and in Ghana as a whole.

All perpetrators should be identified and brought to book.Let’s protect the peace of Dagbon to promote development.Long live Dagbon,Long live Ghana.


Samuel Nana Appiah Owusu.Executive Director,Global Intelligence and Security Analysis Center. ( GISAC)02422393900200546173

Disclaimer: The views and opinion expressed in the above article are solely those of the author and does not represent those of TamaleOnline News.

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