Daylight Robbery: Traders robbed at gun point at Buipe

A gang of armed robbers have attacked traders yesterday (Monday) at Buipe in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah region while the traders were returning from the market.

One of the victims who spoke to‘s Iddrisu Hafiz on condition of anonymity said they were ambushed at about 4pm Monday evening by the gang armed with dangerous weapons.

According to him, he was returning from Old Buipe with his brother when someone hooted at them to stop but they pay no heed to him suspecting he might harm them if they stopped.

Victims of the robbery are notably traders and farmers p in the surrounding towns including Old Buipe, Lito, Bichepe and other villages who are usually go to Buipe on Mondays to engage in trading activities and return late in the evening.

Another victim recounted that they bumped into the armed robbers at Lailakura a village on the main road and were robbed at gunpoint by the gang who had already held two tricycles with passengers numbering about twenty and were searching them for valuables.

He indicated that out of the five gunmen, four were Fulani headsmen but the leader wore face mask perhaps to hide his identity but spoke Hausa and Twi.

He disclosed that they were made to lay flat on the road while the robbers took monies and mobile phones.

“it looks like the robbery was carefully planned because they (robbers) took to their heels and fired gunshots after robbing one man they identified as Alhaji who also rode from Buipe after selling some cattle at the market,”

he recounted.

The victims have therefore appealed with authorities in the Central Gonja District to ensure adequate police visibility to protect lives and properties.

Source: Hafiz

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