DJ Parara hated me for no sensible reasons – Rapper Bawlee

Mira 99 signed artist Bawlee has opined radio and TV presenter, Mohammed Abubakar Naporo (DJ Parara) despises him without any tangible reasons.

Speaking with Hip Life legend Kawastone on Zaa Courtu on Zaa Radio, Bawlee stated he has not offered Parara in anyway but he chose not to play his songs on radio.

According to him, aside Parara’s refusal to play his songs on radio, he also denies him the opportunity to perform at events.

“I’ve never offended nor any misunderstandings with him at all but he doesn’t play any of my songs on radio.

He recounted on several occasions the NTV host as event MC deliberately refused to acknowledge him or grant him the chance to perform.

“I realized he doesn’t like me because, any time he is the MC of a program and my name is on the list, he will skip and mention my colleagues,” he added.

However, the controversial rapper further revealed he once confronted DJ Parara over the issue and he denied having any personal issues with him but continuously disrespects him.


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