DJ Zola punches holes into Fancy Gadam’s $10,000 purchase of Don Sigli’s album

Popular radio presenter and Programs Manager of Tamale-based Neesim FM, Mohammed Abdul Fatawu (DJ Zola) has questioned Fancy Gadam’s intention to pre-order a copy of Don Sigli’s “Pag Li” (Fog) at Ten Thousand United States Dollars ($10,000).

The Total Cheat hitmaker in a Facebook post on Monday, 31st August pledged to purchase a copy of the album and to also support Don Sigli with promotions, sales and distribution on digital distribution and streaming platforms.

According to Fancy Gadam, this will help the Wumpini hitmaker rake in more revenue within the first week of sales.

He added his team (Gadam Nation) will join forces with that of Don Sigli to educate people how to purchase the album via online stores.

I am pre-ordering Don Sigli Album for $10,000 USD! Also my team is teaming up with his team to create awareness and excitement for his new album before it comes out so he can have a big first week of sales. They (both teams) shall be educating the fans How TuneCore artist are using iTunes $ Google Play Pre-Orders to their benefits so they make good use of the online purchases 😊 The_Fog_Album ❤️

Fancy Gadam wrote on his Facebook timeline.

But reacting to the Fancy Gadam’s post, DJ Zola commended the multiple award winning artist for lending a hand to support the yet to be released album by the Tumba Music signee accross the world.

However, the brunch time presenter is convinced the price quoted by Fancy Gadam for the album is unreasonable and a complete joke.

“I like the idea Fancy Gadam and his team is bringing in other to support Don Sigli Album. But with this price 10,000 dollars to support Sigli makes it look like they are joking,” he started.

He further stated “You guys are talking about 57,000 + cedis. At least a reasonable price will have been cool.

“We need to be serious. Aba if you had this money not sure you will have been to Laribanga to do the 5 cedis show.”


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