Does support your own pay bills? Gerry Gee to upcoming artist

Former Angel FM Drive time host Gerry Gee has rebuked upcoming musicians across the nation who always depend on “Support Your Own” mantra.

According to Gerry, most of these artists spend so much money on award plaques which does’t come with a prize.

Gerry Gee who made these remarks on Facebook added that these artists also fail to channel enough resources to produce quality music videos.

He went further to advise upcoming artist to work hard on producing quality songs and videos to attract record deals.

“Support your own, support your own.

But as an upcoming artist you gather millions to pay for an award plaque which doesn’t come with any prize just to claim supremacy meanwhile you don’t have a single mastered track, you don’t have single quality video, hunger dey tear you.

You walk to sound engineers to record you for free or pay 10gh for recording, siasem koraaa and you go to djs to play your songs for free, go to TV stations to play your video for free in the name of support your own.
Does support your own pay bills or buy food?  This time we all wise up ooooo. 

Claiming supremacy with hunger. Learn sense karaaa wai.”

Source : Tamaleonline.Net

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