East Gonja MCE hopeful accused of pocketing 2020 campaign funds

The Vetting Committee for the MMDCE positions in the Savannah Region has been petitioned to disqualify Mr Haruna Idrrisu, an aspiring Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for East Gonja Municipal Assembly.

Mr Haruna Iddrisu, who doubles as the Regional Secretary of the New Patriotic Party has been accused of allegedly pocketing an amount of Fighty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH₵50,000) meant for campaign during the December 2020 elections.

The petitioner, a Polling Station Youth Organiser wants the Mr Iddrisu’s application withdrawn for allegedly misappropriating GH₵50,000 out of a total GH₵200,000 meant for two constituencies in the Savannah Region.

“It is a known fact that he Haruna Iddrisu misappropriated 50,000 out of 200,000 cedis campaign funds meant for two constituencies; Daboya-Mankarigu and Salaga North so shortlisting him for possible appointment will breed more corruption in the future of the meager assembly resources,” the petitioner alleges.

The petition further stated poor leadership qualities exhibited by Mr Iddrisu among other reasons why he should not be considered for the position.

“It is imperative for someone who aspires to occupy a sensitive position as an MCE to know the geopolitics of the area but he Haruna only knows Salaga and his hometown of Kpembe out of the over 170 communities in the Municipality.”

It continued “It will therefore be suicidal to consider him for appointment as MCE for East Gonja.”

However, a total of 81 NPP members from seven Districts of the Savannah Region submitted applications seeking to become MMDCEs.

The East Gonja Municipality has 18 applicants making it the highest in terms of applications.

Source: tamaleonline.net/Fusieni Safianu

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