Eid Celebration: Muslim Group abroad supports needy families in Northern Region

Muslims across the globe on Wednesday, June 5, will commemorate the annual Edul-Fitir celebration after 29/30 days of fasting and prayer in the holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar.

As part of the celebration, a Ghanaian Muslim group abroad, Muslims in Diaspora Support to Ramadan Programme has donated food items to some selected underprivileged households in the Tolon and Mion districts in the Northern Region.

Items donated to a total of one hundred (100) households include, mini bags of rice and tins tomatoe paste.

The gesture also forms part of the group’s annual support mechanism for needy people in deprived communities in the Northern Region.

Alhaji Salifu Abdul-Dahim, who made the presentation over the weekend on behalf of the Group explained the benevolence was borne out of the Islamic teachings of giving alms especially during the month of Ramadan.

According to him, “this is also to ensure that the people are able to celebrate the Eid with some joy and excitement.”

Alhaji Dahim addressing a section of the media

He noted the humanitarian initiative kick stated in 2018 aimed at appreciating the plight of underprivileged and the needy specifically widows and orphans.

Beneficiaries of the gesture were pleased with the support offered them and prayed for members of Group who contributed for Allah’s (God) reward on earth and in the hereafter.

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