Fad Lan has set pace for other musicians to follow

Young fast rising Ghanaian rapper Fad Lan has put so much hope for his colleague artist base in the north on the benefits of digital platforms.

After releasing his much anticipated album “Life Too Short ” with the historic attendance at Radach Lodge on March 14, The rapper has been gaining much attention on selling his music in the digital world.

Fad Lan ,who will always be remembered as the first artist from the North to initiate “Table Reservations ” on shows has set a record on Audiomack as the artist with the most streamed album from the North.

It has always been a challenging process for many artists from the North to sell their songs/Albums on digital platforms as there is so much to benefit from that.

This will surely induce many artist from the North to upgrade their promotional level to be able to compete with others across the world.

Source: tamaleonline.net

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