Fancy Gadam, Maccasio don’t merit 3music awards nominations – Gadafi Lansah writes

Is it their birth right to be in every music awards ? What have they done in the calendar year to merit nominations? Looks like all of them are asleep.
 They are marking time, non of them failed to make any progress after enjoying lots of hype and airplay. Remember 3 music awards is not Northern music awards, the best thing you can tell them is to work harder and move out if their comfort zones. 
The future of Northern Ghana music are Wizchild, Young Bull, RockCity, Teflon Flex. Fancy and Macca seem comfortable in their hoods looks like they don’t want to stress it anymore. Fancy used to be in the same bracket with Kidi, King Promise, Kuami Eugene etc. He was mentioned whenever leaders of the new school were mentioned, what happened? What went wrong? Looks like people who “manage” him are out of ideas and creative ways to market him. 
They still release music, shoot videos and then put in only on NTV and Sahani and then go back home to sleep and later organize a “launch” at the sports  stadium. That’s it, no other ideas, no innovation. 
Why would a national award scheme recognize you if you only sell your music to people in your comfort zone? Music business has evolved, times have changed, music is a multi billion Dollar venture and like any other venture, people in your circle need to have the skills and knowledge to work for you and also work on you. 
So 3 Music not recognizing Macca and Gadam is a wake up call for them to stop sleeping, the next stars of the North are breathing down their necks and it’s just a matter of time, they will shine and when they do, they will shine brighter because they are younger, more versatile and seem to understand music trends then Gadam and Macca.
 I am talking about Young Bull, Wizchild, Teflon flex and Rockcity. It doesn’t mean these guys should be sabotaged, you can all thrive in the same space. 
Gaddafi Lansah

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