Funny Face apologises after Ghanaians refuse to buy his ‘Animal Kingdom’ album

Ghanaian comedian Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng alias Funny Face is asking Ghanaians let bygones be bygones after he went berserk against those criticized him on social media.

This comes after Ghanaians refused to purchase his 17 track album christened “Animal Kingdom” after visiting some work places.

The Cow and Kitchen actor recently used some unprintable words against those who criticized him over how he handled his recent marital issues.

“I remember I once said I don’t give fvck about Ghanaians and I don’t think about what they think [about me]. I think it is the opposite. I think about what Ghanaians think about me,” a remorseful comic actor said.

He added “I think Ghanaians are the best thing in this life. Every Ghanaian will be successful.”

According to him, Ghanaians are now punishing him by refusing buy his album because of the hash words he used against them for criticising him some time ago.

A teary Funny Face added he has regretted his actions and has apologised profusely. He has also pleadeded with Ghanaians to support him by buying the album..

Watch video below:


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