Give Us Your Phone Password, Is It Difficult To Ask – Sista Afia Quizzes Men

Ghanaian songstress Sista Afia has posed a one in a million question to men, on social media.

The ‘Broken’ singer is entreating men to give out their phone passwords to their women.

According to her, there would be no issues of infidelity on the part of women if this happens.

Sista Afia recently released a song ‘Broken’ that tells the story of a young girl who deeply loves her man but does not get the love reciprocated. The situation has thus left her broken.

Well, the singer’s tweet can be linked to the song, in that she feels a phone password can solve the issue.

She wrote on Twitter “guys, give your girlfriend the passwords on your phone and she will never cheat on you, is this difficult to ask?”

Well, we want to know what the men think about this.


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