Gonja King (Yagbonwura) Welcomed Home to Damongo In Grand Style

Hundreds  of residents of Damongo, capital of the newly created Savanna region paraded the principal streets of Damongo to welcome the Overlord ans King of the Gonja Kingdom into Damongo.

Yagbonwura Tutumba Boresa (I) received a rousing welcome  into Damongo by people from all walks of life including market women, children etc. 

The Yagbonwura and his entourage were met at Soalepe, first village on the way to Tamale by hundreds of the youth of Damongo on motorbikes.
It took the entourage about three hours to get into Damongo township that also saw hundreds joining the procession, causing heavy traffic in the town center.

Display of motorbikes, cars with majority of the residents following the entourage on foot with Bole based Nkilgi Fm broadcasting the event live.

In a short message to the crowd after the entourage got to the Jakpa Palace, the Linguist of the Yagbonwura Alhaji Afuli speaking on behalf of the Yagbonwura said Yagbonwura Tutumba thanks the almighty God and ancestors of Gonjaland for his mercies and blessings bestowed unto Gonjaland for making everyone present to witness the day. 

Alhaii Afuli said it was the dream of his predecessors right from the time of late Yagbonwura Kurabaso to him Yagbonwura Tutumba to see Gonjaland get a regional capital some day.

Alhaji Afuli said Yagbonwura wish to say that the day is finally here with all the people of Gonjaland and that Yagbonwura wish to assure everybody that the Savanna region belongs to every ethnic  group found in Gonjaland. He said whether one is Brifo, Dagarti or any other tribe, Savanna region belongs to him or her.

Alhaji Afuli urged the youth especially to work very hard towards the development of the Savanna region.

On the issue of Kpembe youth destroying properties, Alhaji Afuli said Yagbonwura urges the law enforcement agencies to arrest and prosecute those involved. He said Yagbonwura also urge them not to spare perpetrators even if his son is involved.

The Linguist said Yagbonwura wish to inform everyone that the development of Savanna region will be spread to the entire Gonjaland and not the capital alone. He said Yagbonwura therefore see no reason why people should take law into their own hands to destroy properties just because Salaga was not mentioned as the capital.

The Linguist of the Yagbonwura said the people of Mamprugu land are massing up to equally give their Paramount  Chief the Nayiri a heroic welcome into his land without any bad news of burning of properties and that Yagbonwura is surprised this is happening on his land.

Speaking to Bole based Nkilgi Fm, a resident of Damongo called Sule Electrician said over the years he has never witness such a thick crowd welcoming the King of Gonja into Damongo.

He said the people of Gonjaland are united on Savanna Region. He thanked the people of Gonjaland for voting for the Savanna Region for massive development and called for patience from everyone.

Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa has made history since the Savanna Region was created during his reign. The people of Gonjaland appreciates the hardwork of the Yagbonwura and the Gonja Traditional Council before and during the processes on the creation of the Savanna Region.

Sub- Chiefs of Gonjaland who accompanied the Yagbonwura included Tulwewura, subchiefs from Buipe and Damongo with others coming from the entire Gonjaland.

Meanwhile, Nkilgi Fm can confirm that a helicopter full of armed soldiers have arrived in Salaga to ensure calm following violence protest yesterday after President Akuffo Addo named Damongo as the administrative capital of the newly created Savannah Region.

By: Zion Abdul Rauf , Bole (Savanna Region) 

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