Has ZongoYouth Music Group fallen?

Music in Northern Ghana has always been soo Interesting as many talented musicians keep springing up and keeping the industry busy.

Many music fans got more excited when a newly group of talented musicians came together as one to set the industry blazing.

The group, widely known as “Zongo Youth” includes multiple award winning singer Fancy Gadam, rapper T Bird, renowned producer Dr Fiza, Double Boy, Dabba, Awal Magmlana etc.

Currently, as we (tamaleonline.net) put together this write-up, the above mentioned artists have gone their separate ways to survive in the music business.

Double Boy

As an artist with bright prospects, Double Boy realized there was virtually nothing good for him to continue being in the group.

The sport light was on one artist and huge investments in his music while other were relegated to the background.

He will forever be remembered with his hitz such as Bikura, Zongo Youth, Gaaza etc.


One of the few guys in the Industry who came to fight for hip hop to stand tall.

While many people never believe in his craft, the lyricist kept on pushing and rising the Zongo Youth flag.

However, T-Bird is now focus with his personal business and doing music on his own.

Dr Fiza

The renowned beat maker and sound engineer has over the years released many hit songs before diverting into solely Sound engineering and production.

Currently, he is among topmost beat makers and producers in Northern Ghana.

His songs such as Paralize, Wahala, Pini etc still in many playlist.


It was so interesting to see this talented guys on almost every platform during their peak.

They had all the necessary support from fans and industry players and producing hit songs such as Tohra.

Surprisingly, the group “died” when Kondo dedicated his time working at the Tamale International Airport while his partner, Lamaley went solo to pursue his dream.

Fancy Gadam

He happens to be the only beneficiary of this Zongo Youth movement since its inception as he has gained a monumental ove and support from fans in and out their comfort zone.

Many are those who believe he has failed to extend enough support to the other guys in the Zongo Youth movement when he got to the top.

Now where is Zongo Youth? Question many music lovers keep asking.

More soon…

Source : tamaleonline.net

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