Hassan Tampuli symbolizes hope for Gushegu Constituency – AR Goodman

People seek leadership for varied reasons, but Lawyer Hassan Tampuli represents hope and development for Gushegu constituency. As a native by birth, he has shown that one need not to be a Member of Parliament before they contribute to the development of their hometown.

The farmers of Galwei, Zinindo, Kpaligu, Bilsinga, Zulogu among others have benefited from his sense of responsibility and generosity

Also, he has renovated and supplied about 1000 dual-desks to each of the schools in zinindo, Galwei, Kpaligu, Limo, Bogu and Zulogu. Needless to add, the streets of Gushegu Township will soon be brightened thanks to the street light, Lawyer Tampuli recently donated to the Assembly.

The prodigal son of Zinindo has demonstrated that the health of his fathers, mothers and siblings is on the top of his priorities. By this, Lawyer Tampuli has constructed an ultra-modern health facility for the people of his hometown —Zinindo.

As an NPP person born and bred, Lawyer Tampuli continues to pay his dues to the party. Apart from donating a brand new pickup vehicle to the NPP Gushegu Constituency for the administrative purposes of the party, Tampuli again pays 2,000 Ghana cedis monthly stipend to the constituency council of elders for their personal upkeep.

Lawyer Hassan Tampuli is a leader both in public and private life. Prior to the 2016 general election, Lawyer Hassan Tampuli was a member of the NPP Manifesto subcommittee on Energy. Now, he doubles as a member of the finance committee of the National Council and Chairman of the Northern Council of Patrons.

As CEO, the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has witnessed significant transformation under his leadership. Prominent among his achievements at the NPA is the institutionalization of safety campaign.

Safety remains an important issue in the petroleum industry such that any form of accident affects investment. His leadership is not unaware of this.

As a humble and eloquent Lawyer in good standing, I have no doubt that the Gushegu constituency is a gain sending a first-class material to parliament. Lawyer Tampuli will not be a servant for only Gushegu constituency, mother Ghana and the world will benefit from his Gushegu roots as well.

His expertise speaks volumes of the opportunities that will flow to Gushegu with Lawyer Tampuli as the Member of Parliament. His leadership quality is tried and results seen.

All these go to why the good people of Gushegu should want Tampuli and are indeed blessed to have a caring son in him. I therefore call on them to renew the mandate of President Akufo-Addo and replace one son with another on the Gushegu parliamentary seat.

Abdul Rashid Goodman

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the above article are solely those of the author and does not reflect those of TamaleOnline News.

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