Head of Zaa Sports Prince Mukadi Gbramoni enskined Maligu-Naa

The Chief of Bulpeila in Tamale, Bulpeila-Naa Abukari has enskined Head of Zaa Sports, Halid Prince Mukadi Gbramoni as Bulpeila Maligu-Naa on over the weekend 5th April 2020 for his impeccable impact in society.

The award-winning Sports Journalist had led a team to the Chief of Bulpeila to present items towards the Covid-19 fight.

He was given colanut to chew as part of customs and traditions of Dagbon.

Prince Mukadi receiving cola from Bulpeila-Naa Abukari

Nyeb Bulpeila-Naa Abukari appluaded him for his great works with sports and impacting positive change in the youth and households.

Prince Mukadi is also the host of Dundong Malibu and Halisuma Saha on Tamale-based Zaa Radio where he brings experienced guest to discuss pertinent issues affecting the youth, households and communities in general.

The talks shows also provide insights material issues, child upbringing, during abuse, personal and youth development as well as promoting peace and development of the North.

Source: tamalennline.net

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