I am comfortably on the rap throne – Ataaka jabs Maccasio

The most buzzing issue at the moment in the Northern entertainment industry is the lyrical contest between rivals Akaata and Maccasio who have been claiming “King of Rap” title for awhile.

Ataaka released Ajigas featuring controversial rap artist Double Tee, a diss song directed against the Zola Music frontline artist.

The lyrics of the song did not go down well with the self-acclaimed “Rappers Jack” who responded with Overload throwing heavy punches at both Ataaka and Double Tee.

However, Ataaka took to social media to reiterate he is real rap King after recently unleashing his venom on Maccasio with Cross and Die which the Dagomba Girl rapper is yet to respond.

Ataaka wrote;

Be still and know that I’m Rap king Nyaaga. Comfortable on the throne #Tizoora Who got the skillful fingers as me? The person should link up. But pls make sure you train well! I don’t score less than 5 goals! #Tapioca

Ataaka wrote on Facebook.

Source: tamaleonline.net

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