I did not ‘kill’ Gonga Da Zamani’s career – Maccasio responds to Big Malik

Rapper Maccasio has refuted claims by Big Malik of KCC fame that he is the sole architect of the difficulties Gonga Da Zamani is facing in his music business.

In 2016, Gonga Da Zamani after returning from the UK featured Maccasio in a diss song (Ma Bin Magsiriso N Nyama) in which he denigrated against Fancy Gadam and his family.

Big Malik, one of the pioneers of Hip Life in Northern Ghana alleged that Maccasio and his 69 Team bamboozled Gonga Da Zamani into recording the diss song which has since brought his music career to it’s knees.

Fila Gaat. Your team killed him, You confused him to play battle song with your artist, knowing exactly that his fans base was still small for that battle again, He needed to play different song to get more love [and] fan base before

Malik Issah widely known as Big Malik posited.

But the Dagomba Girl hit maker objected to Big Malik’s claims indicating he had no prior knowledge the song was a diss song targeted at Fancy Gadam.

According to Maccasio, he wasn’t privy to details of the song after he delivered his verse and travelled to Accra.

“First of all the song was not mine, Gonja needed me in his song. And I had no idea it was a beef song. They gave me the message for the song and I delivered superbly and left for Accra same day. Dj Ojah is my witness he produced [it]. They didn’t let me listen to the final song before they released it.”

He explained.

He went further stated, “and after the song was dropped. Many people insulted and criticize me for the words they used at the end of the song which I had no hands in and that artiste is not a kid, he knows what he wanted and went for it so if u going to blame it shouldn’t be me [because] am sure I even lost few fans because of that issue.i am the victim here.”

The 69 Boss concluded by demanding Big Malik withdraws his statement since it has the tendency of creating tension between artists and their fan base.

“I truly admire and respect you Big Malik. I wll be happy if [you] can withdraw that statement.”

Maccasio demanded.

Source: tamaleonline.net

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