Involve Chiefs, Opinion Leaders in ban on public gathering – NPP Member To Gov’t

A dye-in-the-wool member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), identified on Facebook as Abubakar Sadiq Mohammed has recommended the government for adoptting “ban on public garthering” to fight the spread of the coronavirus, adding that it will only be successful, if chiefs and opinion leaders are involved.

According to Mr. Wisdom, as he us affectionately called, there is evidence that, people from this part of the hold chiefs and opinion leaders in high esteem, and will not hesitate to obey, when the two (2) groups advise.

The not-too-happy Kukuru man however condemned the manner in which some social gathering were disrupted by the mayor of Tamale, using the security.

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On the issue of enforcing the law on social gathering, I think there’s a best and a much more effective way we can do it.

Yesterday, the police disrupted a wedding occasion and some few gathering in town to enforce the law and that’s commendable.

I think government through the MMDCE’s should involved chiefs and opinion leaders in this fight.

Last week, religious leaders were brought to a dialogue with government on the directives to fight Covid-19 and a consensus was reached to collectively help in the fight. All Islamic religious sects including Ambariyya, the Central Mosque, the Shi’a leadership, Masjudil Bayaan and the rest directed their fellowship to observe prayers at home and the cooperation was excellent. None of the sects has since observed a congregational prayer in line with the directives.

Leadership of the churches also complied and none of them observed church service in the weekend and other services in church.

These were achieved without forcing the law and I think that it should be replicated in our communities too.

When the Lamashenaa, Saganari Naa, N’yab Banvum Lana, Gukpe Naa, etc and their sub chiefs are involved like that of the religious leaders, public gathering will stop.

If the town crier(Naanimmoli) goes to town on the orders of our chiefs and announce to people that chief has placed a ban on Amilya,Suuna, kuli malibu, etc etc and that offended would be punished severely and get their youth chiefs to enforce it, it will work to perfection.

In my area, opinion leaders like Alhaji Wofa, Afa Issah Moro, Alhaji Issah Zoro, Afa Hafiz and the rest have strong voices and the public listens to them. I believe we have similar leaders in other communities too whose voices can help the fight against Covid-19 by helping in the application of the directives and the preventive measures.

I will conclude by appealing to city authorities to consider my suggestion in this fight. I think it will yield good results.


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