It Costs $100m To Run For President In Ghana, $3-4 Million For Parliamentary – CODEO

It is trite knowledge that it cost millions of cedis to run for any political contest in Ghana especially when stakes are high.

But the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) has put a figure to it. 

It said in a post-election review communiqué that it cost $100million to run a presidential election and almost $4million for parliamentary in Ghana.

“It is believed that a presidential election can cost as much as $100 million while that of MPs is around GHS 3-4 million”, CODEO stated. 

According to CODEO, while this is not sustainable, it can, in some instances, protect and promote illicit activities. 

It is urging the Electoral Commission, political parties and other stakeholders to work together to address the increasing cost of contesting to be elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) or President.

Source: Modern Ghana

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