John Mahama’s Donations Are To Benefit The Ordinary Ghanaian Not Nana Addo’s VIPs

In this trying moment of our country, I was shocked to hear our deputy health Minister say nurses are misusing the PPEs. This is the time for us to hail how heroic our health workers are because accepting to be a health worker at this time is like signing your death warrant.

But here we have our men and women choosing to serve us at the expense of their lives but their best is not appreciated by the politicians who are protected day and night by same unprotected health workers.

Today after the presentation of the PPEs by JM, NPp communicators were asking why JM wouldn’t hand over the items to government to supply to the needed hospitals, I laughed and here are my answers to them:

  1. John Dramani Mahama has a heart of a human so his donations according to him are supposed to be used for the ordinary Ghanaian and not the first class citizens who fall within Nana Addo’s VIP category.
  2. We heard government is not fair in the distribution of the PPEs because more than half of the available PPEs have been sent to the VIP hospital to the treatment and future treatment of the Nana Addo’s VIPs.
  3. The deputy health Minister was loud on TV saying there are more than enough PPEs in all our hospitals while health workers in Korle Bu and other hospitals are planning to strike for fear of contracting the disease.
  4. John Mahama upon hearing the cry of our gallant health workers decided to make the donation directly to the hospitals so that the items wouldn’t be diverted to the Nana Addo’s VIP hospitals.

Am not surprised the ordinary Ghanaian is crying for the come back of JM. We all know with Nana Addo’s comment on the Ebola pandemic he would have called for JMs head if he was still in opposition but JM is calm and doing his best to see to the end of this crises that know no political colours despite the fact that Nana has in his own Wisdom segregated the affected and the would be affected people into ordinary and VIPs.

Just as JM continually say, we need all on board to fight this menace once and for all.

Let’s do it because we can.


By: Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo.

Disclaimer: the views/opinion expressed in the article above are solely those of the author and does not represent those of TamaleOnline News in anyway.

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