“Most Northern celebrities don’t understand showbiz” – ShakVilla GH

Founder and CEO of BeatzClick, Abdul-Shakur Clement (ShakVilla) has observed most Northern-based celebrities lack a better understanding of the modus operandi in the arts and entertainment industry.

He opined the most popular personalities turn to issue threats and attacks on the media (online portals and bloggers) over pieces of articles published not in their favor.

According to him, this culture led to the shutdown of his digital (online) music outlet www.norgahmusic.com some few years ago.

He added “aside these musicians and other celebrities not paying for their music to uploaded for downloads, they rather turn to vilify you and issue threats on your life.”

He further stated he had no option but to close down the office because he couldn’t settle the operational cost of the www.norgahmusic.com

“My website was a very vibrant online music store promoting the Northern music worldwide just like GhanaMusic, Ghana Motion, GHexclusives and others based in Accra.

“But the people won’t pay for our services to also settle our internet and electricity bills, office rent and other expenditure,” he explained.

However, ShakVilla GH revealed to TamaleOnline’s Prince Chentiwuni he will bounce stronger with a other massive portal.

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  1. Insha Allah, may he bounce back enertically… cuz dat was a very good source of income.

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