Nana Agbazor supports Covid-19 fight, calls for serious prayers to win fight

The great warrior and lion king of the 21st century Cheif Nana Agbazor has a shocking, serious and head nodding quick Revelations about how a great National assert will demise ( lost ) after this global pandemic outbreak ( covid- 19 ) in the country ( mother Ghana )..

The great warrior and lion king Nana agbazor as well put so much measures including spiritually and physically efforts in dealing with this corona virus outbreak to calm this horrific and horrendous times among the human race especially in some part of the northern Ghana. He’s a native doctor, spiritually healer and a good man in heart ( giver) .

Since the outbreak of this novel covid 19, the great king has contributed so much in fighting this battle including distribution of hand sanitizer, nose mask and facemasked. He has then trip into so many communities in Tamale to educate them about this pandemic and it protocol measures. Washing of hands, avoidance of hand shaking, social distancing and always put on nose mask when going out. The great warrior nana agbazor has help and pushed in so many ways fighting this stranger battle….

Early This month, the spiritually warrior nana agbazor on an interview section has spit out so many revelations about this whole novel covid-19 outbreak in the Country..

On his revelations: The great king Nana agbazor have said that, Ghana our beloved country needs a meaningfully and a serious prayers for God almighty to descend, intervene , come to our aid and shower us with his everlasting solutions otherwise things will go wayward in the country and Ghana can’t stand to witness this tribulations. ..

Secondly, The great nana agbazor on the interview section said Ghana and the world as a whole is paying for the prices for the , unacceptable, crook, heinous, notoriety,unfair, unmeasurable and God forbid things they have engaged their selves doing around the clock. Thus this includes gaysim, terrorism, arm robbery, raping and killing of innocent children around the world . Lesbianism , Religious grudges etc..

The Great Nana agbazor futherly stated that, Ghana should stand up on their feet , go harder on prayers for God almighty intervention and forgiveness. He then say that God is really angry at us and we must bow before him .cry to him and asked more for forgiveness before things go uncontrollably

The Great Nana agbazor is good at predictions and his predictions never failed. He see the unforseen things. He has never failed in any predictions and many people out there can attest to that….

Lastly, Nana agbzor said his unfailing gods from his noble shrine reveals to him that, Ghana will face the metal part of life, challenges and hardships if care is not taking . His gods told him Ghana should be awoke and do the needful things before the strange battle defeats us …

Source: Chief Nana Agbazor

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