NDC accuses NSS Boss of Sabotaging Development in Yagba/Kubori

The North East Regional Communication Officer of the NDC, Mr. Imoro Abdul Razak has accused the Chief Executive Officer of the National Service Secertariat, Mr. Yussif Mustapha of being behind the delay by government to make payments to Tass-kalia Construction Ltd in other for the company to complete works on the 34km Yagaba/Kubori-Mankarigu road.

Tass-Kalia construction Ltd went through competitive bidding and won the 34km yagaba/Kubori/Mankarigu road project in 2016.

The contractor moved to site and commenced work on the road but due to a directive by the government for all contractors to stop work on ongoing projects, the project stalled.

Tass-kalia construction Ltd raised a certificate for work done so far to be paid by government which hasn’t been done.

Last year when the H. E Nana Addo visited the Mamprugu Moaduri district, the minister of roads and highways reechoed the none payment of funds by government to Tass-kalia construction Ltd.

In a release issued by the Regional Communication officer Friday, May 15, he accused the NSS boss who is the NPP parliamentary candidate of sabotaging Tass-Kalia construction Ltd because it is associated with the NDC parliamentary candidate.

He challenged him to make evidence public if indeed he believes monies where paid to Tass-Kalia construction Ltd as he alleged during a meeting at the Kuborirana’s palace.

Read full copy of the press release below:


It’s quite worrying if not sad, how a simple and clear cut issue has been blown out of proportions just to achieve political mileage and relevance in the Yagaba/Kubori constituency today.

Tass-kalia Construction Ltd went through competitive bidding process and won to itself the 34km Yagaba/Kubori/Mankarigu road at a time Hon Ibrahim Tanko was not the MP for the area, and had commence work on the road, ie surveying, moving equipment to site, working on culverts etc. But due change of government the project was stalled like many others in different parts of the country, on the orders of the new government.

As a result, Tass-kalia Construction Ltd raised a certificate for work done so far, for payment by the new government. And that hasn’t been done and has since not been done. This non payment was reechoed by the Hon Minister of Roads and Highways last year when the President visited the Mamprugu/Moaduri District.

But unscrupulously for political capital, apparatchiks of the former MP and parliamentary candidate for the NPP in the area have thrown good morals to dogs and will do anything to tarnish the image of the Hon Ibrahim Rauf Tanko.

But the fact still remains that Tass-kalia Construction Ltd certificates have not still been paid. Point also must be made that a fake document was brought by Hon Mustapha Yussif to the Kuborana’s palace to adduce evidence for his spurious but weak lies that, Tass-kalia Ltd was paid and has refused to returned to site.

But his dishonesty was exposed. The big question begging for answer is; If a constructor has been paid to go back to site and he refuses, he is either dragged back with lawful means available or the contract cancel and re-awarded. But this reasoning hasn’t come across the mind of Hon Mustapha.

Desperately! to bring the MP of the area down, Tass-kalia a legitimate construction firm with it’s Management and staff it’s a separate entity from the Office of the Member of Parliament (Hon Ibrahim Rauf Tanko). And that point must be emphasized. It is therefore, foolhardy to link the MPs job to Tass-kalia Ltd.

Finally, we are entreating the NSS Director and parliamentary candidate for the NPP to be honest and sincere with the people of Yagaba/Kubori. Truth as they say, stands! Your attempt to hoodwink the people with those fictitious documents just so, you can outdo your opponent shall be subjected to the test of truth by the people themselves, they are not so gullible as you think.

We are therefore challenging you to prove with your integrity, providing the document holding prove of payment to Tass-Kalia Ltd, to put Hon Tanko to shame. Same can be made available to your social media army to publish and even to the mainstream media. Without that, the figures being bandied about by yourself and your communicators are fake, untenable and absurdly cooked from your pot of dishonesty.

Gladly this step you’ve taken has given us a clue of the tangent you will conduct your campaign in the impending general elections, and this line of battle you’ve taken can’t survive you and the NPP. Come to the battle ground with truth, your track record and the NPP track record and the people of Yagaba/Kubori will reject you again as they did in the 2016 elections. Hon Mustapha Yussif for Pete’s sake stop the discordant music and be sincere for once.

God Hon Ibrahim Rauf Tanko (MP)

God bless the people of Yagaba/Kubori.

God bless Ghana.

Imoro Abdul Razak

Regional Communication Officer North East Region

Story By: Mahama Issifu Mashood

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