NDC To Produce Document For Electoral Reforms Ahead Of 2024 Polls

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will in the coming weeks produce a document on wide-ranging electoral reforms the party expects to see going into the 2024 polls.

It follows an extensive meeting among leadership of the party to assess their performance in the 2020 elections and the conduct of the Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC).

The Deputy Campaign Coordinator for the NDC during the 2020 elections, Alex Segbefia, attending a high level stakeholder workshop organised by the Coalition of Domestic ElectionObservers (CODEO) told TV3‘s Komla Adom in a n interview that the party is putting together a committee to look at the type of reforms they want to see going forward.

“Electoral reforms was a big issue that came up during the party retreat and we are going to table all the reforms we want to see and narrow it down in a paper we would produce for the benefit of the public and the EC as to what we say are the necessary changes we want to see,” the former Minister of Health said.

He added: “It falls into two brackets, one directly for the EC, and some which may need legislation to put in place, which involves government and Parliament.”

The party is hopeful by the end of this year, the proposed reforms would have been in place to build confidence in the EC, to deal with the matter of reforms being implemented in the year of elections.

Source: 3news.com

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