NDC’s Savannah Regional Secretary tags Akufo-Addo appointees as “insataiable greed”

The Savannah Regional Secretary for the opposition NDC, Salisu Bi-Awuribe has said some government appointees decided to challenge incumbent MPs in the just ended NPP primaries because of their”insatiable greed”.

According to him, most of the CEOs, Ministers and Deputy Ministers of the AKufo Addo government rushed for the NPP parliamentary primaries bid because they were fearful of losing the forthcoming elections.

The formwe DCE for Central Gonja under the late Prof. John E.A Mills administration made these remarks in a post on Facebook.

“They have strong doubt and are most certainly convinced that their flag bearer ( President) is not capable of winning in the next elections. Otherwise, what is it?

“Being a CEO or a Deputy CEO is a Public Service, the same for MP. Most of Conditions of Service of the CEOs are far better than that of Parliament,” he posited.

Even though last Saturday’s primaries ended peacefully with little or no violence, it wasn’t without allegations of vote buying and monetization.

The primaries also saw the influx of many government appointees contesting incumbent MPs in various constituencies in the country.

However, Mr. Salisu Bi-Awuribe also lambasted government appointees citing an oversight of the positions they occupy.

“As a CEO, Deputy CEO, Minister, Deputy Minister or Presidential Staffer, What ever you can do for your own people, you can still do that and even more even without being a Parliamentarian from the Presidency, Ministry, Institution or Company to which you are Minister/CEO or Deputy Minister/CEO. You can’t hold a position of CEO and Still be a Parliamentarian, unless a Board Chairman,” he stated.

Mr. Salisu Bi-Awuribe further condemned the act cautioning them that such actions will rob the constituents off vital benefits.

“Worse still, the CEO position you are leaving, it is most likely that, no one from your constitiency would be appointed to replace you. The effect is that, the Constituency would loose on either way. You are most probably not swapping that position with your MP. So why the greed?” he quizzed.

The former DCE also apportioned blame to the incumbent NPP Members of Parliament for their defeat.

“….the sitting MPs have performed abysmally and if no fresh face is injected, the party stands to loose the seat to their opponent, the NDC. Whether the New comer wins or loses, a self appraisal and verdict of Poor Performance of the Party in the Constituency has already been given and the Constituents are well aware of it and have taken note.”

Mr. Bi-Awuribe added.

He however predicted a defeat for the New Patriotic Party led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo in the December 2020 General election.

“Truth be told, no amount of scheming within the NPP will save the Nana Addo led NPP from defeat despite they destroying the internal tenants of democracy in their political party against the requirements and underlying principles expected of all Political parties by the Constitution, 1992,” he concluded.

Source: tamaleonline.net. | Iddrisu Hafiz

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