NPP Executives rubbishes allegations against Bunduri DCE

Constituency Executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Binduri Constituency of the Upper East region have dismissed allegations of disloyalty against Ayinga Abagre Yakubu, District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area by a Concern Youth Group. 

The Group at a press conference addressed by one Philip Ayamba accused Mr Ayinga Yakubu of campaigning against the NPP parliamentary candidate, Abanga Abdulai in the December 2020 polls. 

Mr Ayamba among other things also called on President Akufo-Addo  for the dismissal of the DCE from office.

But the NPP executives in a statement signed by the Binduri Constituency Chairman, Ayaago Samuel, rubbished the allegations indicating the group does not exist. 

According to the party, the said press conference by Mr Philip Ayamba and his cohorts is a deliberate attempt to create discontent between the rank and file of the party. 

 “It is a clear attempt to downplay the efforts of Hon Ayinga AbagreYakubu in securing the only seat for the NPP in the Upper East Region. We therefore entreat all party members within and outside the region to be wary of such machinations from agreedy lot who have nothing useful to add to the fortunes of the party,” the statement said. 

Read full statement below;


Our attention has been drawn to a ‘one-man’ press conference by one Philip Ayamba who sought to denigrate the hardworking DCE for Binduri, Hon Ayinga Abagre Yakubu with spurious allegations with the additional aim of sowing discontent within the NPP rank and file in the constituency.

We say on authority that no such youth group is known to any recognised structure within the constituency. The said press conference should thus be disregarded and treated as irrelevant attempt by a self-seeking individual and his rented cohorts in search for relevance and opportunities to exploit the recent victory of the NPP in the Binduri Constituency. It is a clear attempt to downplay the efforts of Hon Ayinga Abagre Yakubu in securing the only seat for the NPP in the Upper East Region. We therefore entreat all party members within and outside the region to be wary of such machinations from a greedy lot who have nothing useful to add to the fortunes of the party.

We will like to put on record that the said Philip Ayamba resides in Bolga and therefore far removed from everyday happenings in the constituency.  Visits by Philip to Binduri are few and in between. And even when he visits he is preoccupied with his private business and cannot be possibly bothered about operational issues and strategies of the party. He is totally ignorant about party organisation in the constituency, and cannot point to any single contribution in any form during the electioneering campaign. One is therefore hard pressed to find reasons for the needless intrusion by the imposter and his ilk.

It is common knowledge among all residents of the Binduri Constituency that Mr. Philip Ayamba openly threw his weight behind the NDC parliamentary candidate whom he described as a personal friend in the 2020 elections. He openly campaigned against the NPP candidate and urged even NPP voters to cast their votes for the NDC. It is therefore surprising for the same character to turn round to claim membership of the party and even had the guts to call for the dismissal of the hardworking DCE who led election efforts from the front, centre and back. Whilst we could easily ignore this development as a joke from another hypocrite we are concerned that such characters are becoming one too many.

Consequently, we deem that joke of a press conference solely organised by Mr Philip Ayamba as disrespectful to H.E. the president because of the obdurate stance he and his assigns are taking, literally implying that they will reject a choice the president makes in the constituency if it’s not in their favour. No true party member will countenance such impudence, and we call on all NPP members at the local, regional and national levels to condemn the recklessness of Ayamba and his rogues.

If indeed Philip played any role in the 2020 electioneering campaign he would have been reasonably aware that the constituency campaign team  strategically zoned the constituency into 3 manageable units, each to be headed by the ‘big 3’ namely the Chairman, DCE and PC.  We will like to put it on record that the Hon DCE was in charge of the zone in which the Binduri central electoral area was part.  The DCE was warmly received culminating into a great electoral performance. The allegation of sabotage against the Assembly man for that area can only therefore come from a discredited source. Indeed, the Hon DCE’s electoral area and polling station where the DCE casts his votes (Manga electoral area and Nayoko No 2 Primary School respectively) to be precise are among those electoral areas and polling stations in the constituency the party won in the 2020 elections, contrary to the cooked figures and stories churned out by Ayamba.

It is refreshing to note that the party has come far in terms of bringing lasting unity amongst party members in the constituency. We will therefore not sit unconcerned to allow people with narrow and greedy interests to take us back to the difficult days. We want to remain on the path of growth and progress; a path that will shore up our numbers and make the NPP the go-to party in the Binduri Constituency for floating voters. 

We also wish to state unequivocally that the DCE never sidelined constituency executives, PC at the time or any assembly member and never ever hatched any form of sabotage on the 2020 presidential and parliamentary campaigns   as Mr Philip Ayamba is forcing the whole world to believe. Mr Philip Ayamba appears to be the only person in the world who is still unaware that out of the fifteen (15) MMDCEs in the Upper East region if not the whole country, it’s only the Binduri DCE, Hon Ayinga Abagre Yakubu who worked assiduously harmoniously and collaboratively with his PC, Chairman and his party executives. Indeed, there is a saying that, an elderly person doesn’t run on germinating seeds. We believe Mr Phillip Ayamba is grown enough to know it is dishonourable to be engaged in peddling lies against hard working government appointees. As indicated earlier, we call on all to ignore the malicious fabrications by Mr. Philip Ayamba and consign the purported press conference into a dustbin.  

We want to use this opportunity to register our heart-felt and renewed gratitude to H. E. the president for nominating our own son, Hon Stephen Yakubu as the Upper East Regional Minister designate and will like to reiterate that the president continues with his good work by considering for appointment, the current DCE Hon Ayinga Abagre Yakubu and the member of parliament, Hon Abanga Abdulai who the party’s rank and file including the Binduri electorate in general, unanimously endorsed by bringing the party back to power against several machinations by detractors.

 God bless H. E. the president, God bless us all.

Thank you.


  1. Ayaago Samuel (constituency Chairman) 0544671516
  2. Abolinga Francis (constituency Secretary) 0246574550
  3. Adaza Amort (Constituency Organiser) 0245998439
  4. Alhassan Asunka (Assistant Secretary) 0249143142
  5. Apaul Aganda (communication Officer) 0242256225
  6. Awini Zelia  (Women’s Organiser)   0246812019
  7. Ayamba Eric (Youth Organiser) 0559210455
  8. Awinkudugu Emmanuel (coordinators’ Chairman) 0246709946
  9. Ayaaba Samuel (coordinators’ Secretary) 0246438210
  10. Issaka Gumah (coordinators’ Organiser) 0249440755
  11. Ngoswin Benjamin (Patrons’ Chairman) 0244373495
  12. Anaba Ayamba (Elders’ Chairman) 0240387498

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