NPP has gotten themselves more confused – Opinion

For the first time in our political dispensation, a political party wanted to rig the position they wanted their presidential candidate to be on the ballot sheet.

It was so shameful when you watch the video of the balloting and you see the NPP representative, looking for directions from the Electoral Commission (EC) as to how to pick a certain paper that will give them number 4 on the ballot sheet.

You see, most of the time, the NPP had won elections based on how they took advantage of the elderly and those who don’t know figures. They had used slogans like “esoro ho” meaning “the top” or “ase3 ho” meaning “the bottom” to make their campaign easier to the illiterates. They didn’t need any campaign message.

So in 2020, the NPP had already started with its slogan very early in the campaign because they have no message. All they are telling Ghanaians is 4 more for Nana without any meaning to what they are chanting.

So to complete their slogan and confuse the illiterate as usual, they wanted to rig the balloting to get number 4. They managed to get number 4 in the first balloting but missed their target in the second and crucial balloting.

So you see, the NPP doesn’t know whether to confuse the illiterates with number 1 or number 4. When they raise their finger for number 1, it means they are telling the illiterates that they are for one term, and when they raise their fingers for number 4, it means they are telling the illiterates to vote for number 4 on the ballot. The number 4 on the ballot is CPP.

As for the NDC, there is no confusion at all. We are telling Ghanaians that John Mahama is coming back for his second term and the number 2 on the ballot tells it all. All that the NDC needs to do is to be very vigilant especially from now to December 10, after the elections are done, counting are done and the winner declared.

I have said it and most of the leaders of the party have also said it but there should be a constant reminder to especially the branch and constituency executives that, the keyword between now and December 10, is VIGILANCE.

If NDC supporters, members, and executives are Vigilant between now and December 10, there is no way these Sakawa boys, criminals, and the incompetent government will not be kicked out of office. I have also said it and I will say it here again that anyone who thinks the December elections will be violent-free and fair, is far behind the NPP. Let’s be vigilant and also a little stubborn. Vote #2 on December 7. Aba no, Mahama afa.

Author: Lawrence Appiah-Osei

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the above article are solely those of the author and does not represent those of TamaleOnline News…

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