Office of National Chief Imam receives $44,000 scholarship package from The Denzel Group

The Denzel Group, AB subsidiary of the Center for Nondestructive Testing (CNDT) headed by Mr. Harris Owusu Gyeabour offered a scholarship package worth $44,000 to 10 muslims as part of the centenary celebrations of the National Chief Imam, His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu.

The Chairman of Denzel Group, Mr. Harris Owusu Gyeabour, in his presentation on behalf of the Institution said the scholarship scheme was provided to the Office of the chief Chief Imam as part of their support to the Muslim community.

He said the lack of expertise in Ghana to fill various positions in the oil and Gas sector was the main objective for the establishment of the Institute.

The “Center for Nondestructive Testing” was set up to train people, to build local capacities, local content in the oil and Gas sector.

According to the Chairman Mr. Harris Owusu Gyeabour, the number of people being offered the scholarship would be expanded in future despite the huge cost involved in the training because the goal is to contribute to the building of local capacities(local content)

The CEO of Denzel Group , Mrs Paries Augusta Nyeswah asked people particularly the Muslim community to take advantage of the opportunity handed down to them in order to fill the gaps in the Oil and Gas industry.

She indicated that various positions regarding Nondestructive Testing (NDT) can be occupied by Ghanaians as it prevails in other jurisdictions .

“Lets get the certification from the school instead of leaving these opportunities for expatriates, those who feel their life is over even though they have not completed senior High school and have other qualifications should take advantage and go for the training as long as they know how to read and write,” she added.

A member of the advisory Board at the Chief Imam’s office, Dr. Manzuk Abubakar, who received the cheque on behalf of the National Chief Imam thanked them for such a charitable gesture and promised to make the selection criteria transparent for the benefit of the Muslim community.

He said ” it is not going to be a matter of injustice or a matter of inequality.

We will try as much as possible to ensure that the selection is transparent so that those selected will actually benefit from the programme.

He further appealed to all especially muslims to emulate the assistance provided by the Institution in order to contribute to the development of the youth as the youth constitute a critical segment of society.

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