Report hospitals engaged in illegal charges – N/R NHIA Director

The Northern Regional Director of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Issaku Abdul-Latif has appealed to Ghanaians to report cases of unlawful payments charged by facilities that provide services.

Mr. Latif noted the move will enable the Authority to weed out charlatans in the system who extort monies from unsuspecting clients.

He made these remarks while addressing the media on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the 2019 Annual End of Year Review Meeting Thursday, February 20 in Tamale.

“Once the facility engages in illegal charges, it is against the law. Once there is evidence that you have done that and the evidence is mostly collated from either the district offices, or we have a member walking into our office and say that hospital A or facility A has changed me this and I have my receipts, emmedietly we pick the receipt, that is evidence”, he disclosed.

“The primary evidence. We will send officers to verify it. Because, we will not rush to emabarass ourselves. We have monitoring and evaluation officers at the regional office. So emmedietly there is a report of “co-payment”, we go to check”,

Mr. Latif added.

The two day event took place from between Thursday, 20th and Friday, 21st February at the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale.

The annual review meeting is aimed to discuss, review and suggest reforms for improved quality service delivery to customers.

NHIA Annual End of Year Review Meeting at the UDS Conference Center, Tamale.

Mr. Issaku Latif also appealed with the media to support the Authority in the fight against illegal charges by the service providers.

“I want to use the opportunity to urge the media that they should help us in doing that. Hold they facilities responsible. If you have that report a facility engages in illegal payments, inform us. Definitely, we will zoom on that facility to make sure they don’t engage in illegal payments”,

he appealed.

Source:|Fuseini Safianu

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