Stay away from 5Munites Music and work on your brand – Double Boy To Lamaley

Bikura Hit Singer and performer, Double Boy has cautioned his former label mate, Lamaley to stay away from 5Minutes Music camp and concentrate on recording songs to enhance his music career.

Lamaley who is a former member of the Daaba Music Group is one of the most talented artists from the North mostly known with his unique voice.

According to Double Boy, the former has so much talent that he shouldn’t allow 5Munites Music, Fancy Gadam’s label destroy his blooming career.

Bouble Boy made these remarks in a post on Facebook sighted by

“Dabba Lamaley you have to wake up in this your dream, that so call 5 minutes crew dont need u among them, and you are just forcing yourself. They cant help any artist to grow, better advise yourself and stop promoting them in your songs. You got your own singing style and your voice is unique, you are not crying in your songs, you got mature lyric, but u aloud them to use you from the beginning..”

The singer intimated.

He went further to say “but its not too late, you can use me to advise yourself. [They’re] my friends but i never feel to be part of them.. dagomba people always says, if some one is hidden, you have to add him darkness.”

He concluded by stressing “[They’re] not there to help you grown in the music, but they added you to be many more. Mark my words down, the other guy would seat to cry very soon..

“Talking about that singer never say never. Your area is even far from Zongo whereby you will think they will be helping you”.

Double Boy will always be remembered with his hitz like “Bikura “, Gaaza, Zongo Youth, and many more.


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