Tolon: Chief, residents decry sharing water with animals at Gburimani

Access to portable drinking water has become an expensive commodity for residents of Gburimani in the Tolon District of the Northern Region.

Residents say they depend on the dams as their only source of water in the community which is fast drying up due to the harmathan session.

Some women and children of Gburimani fetching from a dum

Chief of Gburimani, Abdulai Mohammed in an interview said several attempts to source assistance from government to remedy the situation has been unsuccessful.

According to him, the community is also compelled to share the same water source with animals such as cattle, goats and rams (sheeps) since there is no other alternative.

“For donkey years now we don’t have portable drinking water and we have sourced help from both government and NGOs to no avail.

“So many samples of soils have been taken by World Vision International but all what they tell is that our water table and our area is very far,” He explained.

He added the Catholic Relief Services (Village Water) had also dug several dugouts in the area to no avail.

Some children fetching from a fun constructed under the one-village-one-dam initiative

Assemblyman for the area, Ibrahim Mohammed said members of the community have made several appeals to him over their predicaments.

Mr Mohammed said the matter has tabled these complaints to the DCE and Member of Parliament for Tolon Alhaji Habib Iddrisu for action.

“The people or Gburimani are currently sharing water with animals. The same milky like water when you bath with it you’ll are some whitish disease on your body,” he decried.

Ibrahim Mohammed also appealed to Non-Govermental Organizations (NGOs) to as a matter of necessity come to their aide.


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