[Video]: “Alhassan Suhuyini Underperforming, I Am Capable Of Unseating Him” – Presidential Staffer

A staff at the office of the president (Jubilee House) in Accra, Alhassan Abdul Wajid has opined he could have won the Tamale North Parliamentary seat for the rulling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2016 elections against the seating MP, Hon Alhassan Suhuyini.

Speaking in an interview with TamaleOnline.Net, Mr Abdul Wajid believes if given the chance to lead the party in 2020, he is capable of winning the seat from the NDC.

According to him, the incumbent legislator is underperforming as the people’s representative of Tamale North for the past two years.

Even when pointed to the fact that Hon Suhuyini has facilitated the connection of water and electricity to several communities, free vacation classes, educational supplies and donations to schools in the constituency, Mr Abdul Wajid argued the former award winning broadcast journalist performance in terms of the socio-economic development of the constituency is woefully inadequate.

He said the needs of the people are not forthcoming and issues of serious concern in some communities such as good roads are ignored by the MP.

“I am surprised you are telling me all this things you have mentioned because I live in the constituency. The last time I saw Hon Alhassan Suhuyini doing something in the constituency was when he donated bags of rice, sugar and cooking oil to some NDC executives during Christmas.”

However, Alhassan Abdul Wajid made an attempt to contest the NPP parliamentary parimaries in 2012 but was advised to stand down by some party bigwigs.

Young as he may be couple with some experience he had gathered so far in the political arena, Mr Abdul Wajid, yet to make his intentions known is optimistic he has what it takes to snatch the Tamale North seat from Hon. Suhuyini in 2020 should he win the primaries sometime this year.

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