Video: Gonga Da Zamani ‘babysits’ Maccasio in latest diss song

Rapper Macassio has been verbally dressed down and reprimanded as he is being described a “witless cock witless and untalented rapper” who rose to fame through controversy.

Gonga Zamani went berserk in the latest diss song christened Yelimiba Yelmangli (Tell Them The Truth) after a back and forth with the 69 rapper in a social media banter.

It all started when one of the pioneers of Hip Life in Northern Ghana, Big Malik of KKC fame alleged that the later “killed” the former’s career by collaborating with him on a diss song against Fancy Gadam.

Gonga in the outro of the song denigrated against Fancy and his family, utterances most industry players and fans condemned.

Five (5) years down the lane, Maccasio reacting to Big Malik’s claims denied he wasn’t informed details of the song as he only delivered his verse and left travelled.

Gonga Da Zamani, apparently tired of the multiplying treachery and obstinate conducts of the Dagomba Girl hitmaker, who he born and raised musically, decided to use the cane to bring back his small boy into the cue.

Watch the angry “Northern Music Headmaster” going berserk on his stubborn school child after his countless private admonitions were ignored.


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