VIDEO: Man attempts suicide on Kaneshie Bridge

A young man yet to be identified shocked pedestrians when he tried to take his own life on the Kaneshie Footbridge in Accra.

It is unclear what could probably motivate the rasta-haired man to choose that medium as the best option to exit the land of the living

In a video sighted by, the man was seen hanging dangerously on some metals beneath the busy footbridge, an incident that attracted a sizable number of onlookers most of whom were stunned by what they were witnessing.

Tried as the people did in persuading the man not to end his life, he remained adamant and continued to hang like a bat.

After their persuasions failed, the people who were not discouraged then decided to map out a strategize to save the man.

They then stopped an approaching TATA bus, mounted the bus, and with the help of a police officer successfully brought down the man onto the roof of the bus where he was subsequently handcuffed and sent to the police station.

In Ghana attempted suicide is a crime.Video Player00:0005:38


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