Vision Drives Direction: Alhaji Habib Iddrisu for Tolon is Non-negotiable

Clearly, the influence of the youth will be very decisive in determining the fortunes of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in the Tolon Constituency.

Having won the two previous elections, sentiments of lax and despondency have already started seeping into the marrow of the party. A candidate with a broader appeal will, therefore, attract the needed buffer to be able to retain the seat.

It is on such premise that, the arrival of Habib… could not have come at a better time. He represents the needed spice in Tolon.

The good people of Tolon today are singing songs of his glaring efforts towards connecting some communities to the national grid. The ample benefits, particularly for students in the area who had to rely on electricity to catch up on the e-learning system introduced following the closure of schools in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic has thus far been significantly helpful. A true mark of a visionary leader.

Aside the One Village, One Dam initiative dotted around the constituency, Hon. Habib has taken it upon himself to sink a number of boreholes across key areas and communities. He has been part of the testimonies of people who have received scholarship assistance at varying levels of the educational cycle and assisted both skilled and unskilled workforce with jobs.

Constituents have also benefitted consistently from the annual ritual of rice and sugar portions at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan this year as well as the past years.

His regular engagements and touch with everyone have left the notion of hope and reliability in the minds of the people across the political divide.

With Alhaji Habib, Tolon NPP is assured of a continued grip on the seat. It is for these reasons and many more that I choose ALHAJI HABIB IDDRISU FOR TOLON

Note: Tolon is my maternal home and I am connected to the constituency by blood, hence I want the best for the constituency.

Timtooni Progress.

Disclaimer: The views and opinion express in the above article are solely those of the author and does not represent those of TamaleOnline News.

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