Vote for development not proverbs – Bawumia to Sagnarigu constituents

Vice President , Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has called on Sagnarigu constituents to vote for development and not proverbs come December 7.

He noted that the current Member of Parliament for the Sagnarigu constituency, A.B.A Fuseini has failed his constituents, adding that since 1992, Sagnarigu has voted for the NDC but there’s no single development to show for that in the constituency.

“ the NDC MP A.B.A Fuseini when his constituents ask for electricity he will speak proverbs , when they ask for water he speaks proverbs , when they ask for road he speaks proverbs , can we develop with proverbs ?” he asked the constituents

Dr. Bawumia urged Sagnarigu constituents to vote massively for the Parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Sagnarigu, Felicia Tetteh and not an MP who would only go to parliament to speak proverbs.

“ every constituency needs an MP who will always fight for the development of their constituency and not one that will only go to parliament to drink tea and speak proverbs.”

He indicated that the massive developmental projects implemented in the constituency within four years, the NDC could not do even half of it within their eight years in government.

Vice President stressed that pro-poor policies by the NPP government has transformed the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian and appealed to them to vote naively for the NPP to do more.

The Parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Sagnarigu, Felicia Tetteh, said she is optimistic that on December 7, Sagnarigu constituents will vote massively for her and president Akufo-Addo for the development in the constituency.

According to her, the December 7 election will be based on records and not about who can speak proverbs or play the religious and ethnic card and o favor their chances of winning.

“Politics is about choosing someone you can provide you with roads, water, electricity, Jobs so please let’s go and vote for the future of our children and by so doing vote for Felicia Tetteh and president Akufo-Addo come December 7.”

She lambasted current member of parliament for Sagnarigu constituency for saying a woman and not a Muslim and that she cannot lead the constituency.

“ A.B.A Fuseini is going round telling the constituents that a woman and not a Muslim so I can not lead but I dare him to tell the constituents what he has done as an MP , he cannot point out any single development in the constituency.”

Madam Felicia appealed to the constituents to vote for development and not on religious or ethnic background.

“ NPP is for development oriented party,there’s no house in the constituency that has not benefited from our policies so my fathers and mothers if you don’t want this type of government what do you want again so please on December 7 let’s go out in our numbers and vote massively for President Akufo-Addo and Felicia Tetteh to transform the constituency.”

By: Eric Kombat

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