“We place emphasis on procreation than responsible parenting” – Muslim Professionals

The Ghana Academy of Muslim Professionals has observed most parents in the Zongo communities tend to place more emphasis on procreation than responsible parenting.

The GAMP made this observation in an open forum to discuss pertinent issues affecting proper child upbringing nowadays in the Zongos.

“We come up with all sort of tawheed to cover up our irresponsibilities such as: it’s Allah who takes care of children, the mouth that Allah has opened will never be denied food,” the group noted.

According to the Group, people who are not prepared to take up the role of parenthood give birth to so many children but fail to give them the required nurturing.

It said, some of the children are then raised by the streets and ghettos for which the results is witnessed in this present times. 

The GAMP further detailed that Someone may argue against this position by appealing to the past.

“The truth is that the dynamics have since shifted. The communal and extended family mutual contribution to parenting have all been lost.

“We are now in a capitalist world where everything is determined by liquid cash. We have to face it and begin to revise our social philosophies,” the GAMP added.

The group has therefore called on Islamic scholars to highlight more on the responsibilities imposed on parents rather than procreation.

They argued that people should be made to understand that the more children they have, the higher the their responsibilities and they would account for each child before Allah (God) in the hereafter.

About GAMP

The Ghana Academy of Muslim Professionals (GAMP) isa non-governmental organization of Muslim intellectuals and professionals who are generally graduates of tertiary institutions and are prepared to make sacrifices to the cause of Islam and national development.


Also, to foster and promote unity among Muslims in Ghana and the world at large by organizing programmes aimed at empowering the youth socially, morally and intellectually.

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